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Koss-lg.jpgJohn Koss (B.A.’74) found his UIC experience equally eye-opening and liberating. As a student, his immersion in Chicago’s near west side neighborhoods, cultures and customs was exciting, as were his interactions with dedicated professors who had a contagious appreciation for learning.

John knew he wanted to help other students attain the same kind of UIC experience he enjoyed and had been considering his legacy for quite some time. After exploring many options, he realized that making a gift to UIC in his will achieved his two-part objective. The scholarship established after his death will not only offer financial support to high-achieving students with financial need, but will also cement his belief in broad access to a college degree as part of his legacy.

“I come from a working-class family, which presented limited college options, so UIC was an important opportunity for me,” John says. “I believe strongly in higher education for those who want to avail themselves of it, and I’m dismayed and upset by the cutbacks and tuition increases we hear about so often. This is my way of doing something about it.”

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences will award John T. Koss Scholarships annually to as many undergraduate students as possible, with a minimum award of $2,500. Beneficiaries will be students in high academic standing with an unmet financial need.

“I want to share what I experienced and my success with future generations,” John says. “UIC is a broad and diverse school and an important state institution. I feel it’s a place where I can create opportunities that will have a tremendous impact.”

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