Personal Giving Stories

carbon.jpgWhen I was a student at the University of Illinois, my teachers emphasized continuous learning. Ever since I graduated from the College of Medicine in 1965, this ongoing learning process has been crucial to keeping up with the tremendous advances in medicine. I am grateful to the College of Medicine for providing me with a strong foundation for my career, and I am proud of the ways the College contributes to medical advances today through its research, education, and patient care.

I was very fortunate to have a pioneering UIC faculty member, the late Robert Muehrcke, M.D., as a mentor and professional partner. Dr. Muehrcke was a visionary who opened the first freestanding dialysis center in Illinois when the treatment was still in its experimental stages. I later became a partner in both Dr. Muehrcke’s clinical practice, where I am now chief operating officer, and his dialysis business, which was sold in 2001.

Today, the UIC College of Medicine includes many forward-looking faculty members who also are bringing new treatments to the community. I particularly admire the work of Jose A. L. Arruda, M.D., section chief of nephrology. He and his colleagues are doing important research and educational outreach aimed at treating the full spectrum of kidney diseases.

To support this work and repay my gratitude to the University for the opportunities it provided me, my wife Dorothy and I have established a charitable gift annuity that will benefit the Department of Nephrology. In addition to supporting the search for new and improved treatments for disease, this annuity provides Dorothy and me with income during our lifetimes and significant tax and estate-planning advantages.

I’m sure that you, too, know of UIC faculty members whose work you admire. I’d encourage you to support them by including UIC as part of your own estate plans. Through such a gift, you will honor the faculty who helped you in your own careers, and you’ll help pave the way for the discoveries that medical students will learn in the future.

The U of I Foundation gift planning staff is pleased to answer your questions and offer assistance at any time. Please contact the Foundation to learn more.



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