Personal Giving Stories

henderson.jpgAs I reflect back, a handful of experiences stand out as being integral to the path my life took. Not the least of these was my decision in 1954 to continue my education under Sam Kirk at the University of Illinois. At the time there were only four special education programs in the nation, but there was no question as to which one was the best. As a result, I received my doctor of education degree (Ed.D.) under the direction of Professor Kirk in 1957.

As it turns out, this would not be my last experience with Sam Kirk. In 1962 he offered me the tremendous opportunity to join the U of I faculty and head up a relatively new program that would train and equip administrators and supervisors, specifically, to manage and oversee special education programs.

For the next 40 years or so I had the great pleasure of working with many outstanding individuals. The climate of collegiality and overall cooperation in the department and the College was and remains truly inspiring. The collaboration and openness it fostered were extremely gratifying. I could not have imagined a better environment in which to conduct my life's work.

Recently, I was very pleased to learn that I could secure my disabled daughter's financial future with a charitable remainder trust established at my death that will provide her lifetime income. After she's gone, the balance will establish the Robert and June Henderson Endowment to support special education programs. This gift method allows me to ensure my daughter's well-being while also making a major gift to the institution that provided so much fulfillment over the years.

Perhaps you have similar family needs and concerns, or maybe you're in a position to help this great university now with a gift? Whatever the case may be, I sincerely hope you will consider what you can do to ensure continued excellence at our university. You can start by contacting the U of I Foundation to explore your options; or simply return the enclosed card for further information. Thank you for your consideration.

Bob Henderson

The U of I Foundation gift planning staff is pleased to answer your questions and offer assistance at any time. Please contact the Foundation to learn more.



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