Personal Giving Stories

share.jpgDr. Isaiah Share was entering college around the time most teenagers today are thinking about finally getting their learner’s permits. It was 1942, in the midst of World War II. Initially planning to study engineering, his focus quickly shifted to medicine, which brought him to the Urbana campus and, ultimately, to the University of Illinois at Chicago.

"We were adolescents at the time. There was a war going on. And it was my teachers, advisors, mentors and fellow students who molded me over those next few years," says Dr. Share. "Those people were really good at what they did. For that, I feel grateful."

Dr. Share has been practicing medicine for 57 years now—longer than twice the age of an average undergraduate student at UIC. And he’s been expressing his gratitude by giving back to the College of Medicine annual fund for most of that time, and recently also through a charitable gift annuity (CGA).

"The University of Illinois at Chicago is a fine, fine school," says Dr. Share. "My classmates and I were there to learn, and they made sure we did."

His work led him east, to Pennsylvania, where today he is a psychiatrist and psychoanalyst and lives with his wife, Joan. Despite the years, his days at UIC, where he was given a chance, are still alive and fresh in his mind.

As the Shares plan for retirement, the option of a CGA gave them the opportunity to continue acting on their gratitude to UIC, while also providing a secure source of lifetime income. The immediate income-tax savings from the charitable deduction they received and the fact that over two-thirds of their guaranteed annuity is tax-free made the CGA particularly appealing.

"People like to give, and I think a lot of people would agree that it feels good," he says. "I have an obligation. UIC educated me, after all."

Dr. Share adds, "And there may be a little homesickness for Chicago in there as well."

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